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If your aircraft’s paint job needs minor touch-ups or you’re looking for a brand new better-than-factory look, Plane Care is the place to go.

Strip and Paint Process

  • IMG_big_paintstripAll control surfaces are removed from the aircraft. Protective foil and tape is applied to the windows, fiberglass/plastic parts, and all openings to prevent chemicals from damaging these parts.The aircraft and surfaces are chemically stripped, followed by a thorough cleaning and flushing to remove any residue. This is important as the stripper residue is highly corrosive and if not properly removed will promote corrosion.
  • IMG_big_paintstrip2 A complete inspection of exterior surfaces is conducted for damage and or corrosion. The customer will be notified of the results of this inspection and a firm quote given for any additional work required. All minor dents are then filled with lightweight body filler and over-coated with a color build primer that will make the repaired areas virtually invisible.
  • IMG_big_paintstrip3All surfaces are then acid etched to remove any impurities and to promote better adhesion.The aircraft is then primed with “Sikkens” acid etch primer and top coated with “Sikkens” Autocryl urethane paint. This process is accomplished using the Electro-static process so as to insure better coverage to the hard to reach areas.
  • IMG_big_paintstrip4The accent stripes are then applied, all control surfaces are balance checked and reinstalled, the windows are resealed, and a post painting test flight is performed to insure proper rigging. All work is performed in accordance with the manufacturers maintenance manual and AC 43.13-1B. A detailed logbook entry is made and a copy of the work package is given to the aircraft owner/operator.

Completed Projects