Plane Care
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We use only high-quality materials that meet or exceed standards to transform your interior into a luxurious, well-appointed cabin that will last for many years.

Interior Process

  • IMG_big_interiorAll seats, side panels, and carpet are removed from the aircraft. The fiberglass insulation is replaced with foam sound-proofing material.
  • IMG_big_interior2The seats and side panels are recovered in your choice of fabric, vinyl, imitation leather or genuine leather or any combination of these materials. The carpets are replaced in the cabin as well as the baggage areas. Storage pockets can be added to the back of the pilot seat and co-pilot seat and forward kick panels.
  • IMG_big_interior3Clear plastic pockets are added to interior panels to display the aircraft airworthiness certificate.
    The seat belts are reconditioned with new webbing material, and the buckles and attach points are refurbished.
    All plastic parts are refinished with a spray on dye, which has a satin finish giving the appearance that the parts were molded in that particular color.
  • IMG_big_interior4The baggage and doorjambs are refinished and the seals replaced.
    Any plastic trim panels in need of replacement are additional as well as the labor required for their installation.
    All replacement materials used come with the required documentation including the FAA 8110-3 forms and burn certificates.

Completed Projects